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Privacy and Disclaimer

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I. Purpose. The website aims at the advice, training and promotion of Genomic Personalized Medicine.

II. Authorship. The content of this website have been selected with the utmost caution and scrupulousness based on verified data from the scientific literature, by the professional team of EUGENOMIC S.L. formed by:

• Prof. Juan Sabater-Tobella. Doctor in Pharmacy. Specialist in Clinical Biochemistry. European Specialist in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EC4).
• Dr. Margarita Sales. Doctor in Pharmacy. Specialist in Clinical Analysis.
• Marc Cendrós Bertrán. Lic. Biology. Master in Pharmacogenetics.
• Ana Sabater Sales. Computer Engineering. Master in Marketing.

The contents of the website are supervised by Dr. Juan Sabater-Tobella.

III. Conditions of use. The access and / or visit to this website implies the full and unreserved acceptance of the users to each and every one of the terms set forth below:

IV. Prerequisite. The information provided on this website is intended for health professionals and not the general public. No person can pretend to self-diagnose or self-treat based on any data that can be obtained through, so any question related to health or illness, must be conducted through a Professional of the Health. Any non-healthcare professional who accesses the website, should take into account, that the information provided should be considered only as an indication, never substitute, that can be provided by your doctor. Any doubts or questions you may have should be consulted with your doctor, as EUGENOMIC S.L. Only attends and collaborates directly with health professionals.

V. Ownership of the website. ADN & SALUD is a registered trademark of EUGENOMIC S.L., the web page hosted in the domain is owned by the same company, with address at c/Travessera de Gràcia nº 98. 08012 Barcelona. Spain, with tax identification number B-63050470 and registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, ​​Volume 35255, Folio 79, Sheet B 261194. Telephone: + 34932922963 · E-mail:

VI. Advertising policy. This website does not intend to offer advertising of any kind, it is simply informative regarding certain analytical tests. It can also offer complementary topics for the dissemination of Genetics, Genomic Medicine, Pharmacogenetics or other analytical tests.

1. Responsibilities of Users.

1.1. Each User including those who use it as mere access, agrees to: use this website, as well as all its information according to Law, good faith and honest uses. No User may transmit advertising or spam through this Website. Each User declares to know and assume the risks of using the Internet. No User is authorized to reproduce, transmit or exploit the content of this web page.

The access or use of this web page, does not imply any transfer of the exploitation rights of the content of the same. Reproduction, distribution, communication, transformation and any other mode of exploitation is prohibited. The User must refrain from trying to obtain the contents of the same, by means or procedures different from the positions available to him in this web page.

Each User when he accesses does so under his sole responsibility and undertakes not to use this website or the services provided through it, for purposes detrimental to the interests or rights of third parties and not to perform any Which may damage the image, interests or rights of EUGENOMIC S.L., as well as not to perform actions with illicit purposes or effects that may overload, damage or render useless this website, servers or any computer equipment. The User will be liable for damages and losses that may arise as a result of breach of any of the aforementioned obligations.

Each User undertakes, in turn, not to introduce programs, viruses, macros, or any other character device that causes or is likely to cause any type of alteration in the computer systems of EUGENOMIC S.L. or third parties. It is also up to the User to take appropriate measures to detect and eliminate the existence of viruses, or other elements that could alter their own computer systems.

1.2. The rights to use this website are personal and non-transferable. Except in cases of explicit agreement and in writing with EUGENOMIC S.L. you can not modify, distribute, duplicate, resell or exploit any of the contents of this website.

1.3. User Account, password and security obligations and responsibilities. To register on this website, you must enter your identification information, provide an email address that in turn will serve as the username to access and a password. It also provides information during the registration process, which you agree to keep updated.

The information provided for the registration must be authentic, complete and current. The User has the duty to keep his password secret and to notify any suspicion of fraudulent use of it or of his User account. EUGENOMIC S.L. is not responsible for the possible damages caused by the breach of this duty of the User.

You are responsible for all use and activity on your account, including the use of the account by any third party authorized by you, to use your identification data. You are also responsible for all statements made, including liability for damage caused by incorrect, inaccurate, misleading or malicious information.

You can not transfer, sell, or assign your rights or obligations incurred by accepting the conditions of use of this website. Any, abusive, misleading, fraudulent or illegal activity may be grounds for immediate termination of your account, at our sole discretion, without you being entitled to claim or compensation.

You can not access, attempt to access, use or attempt to use the Services for any action that may harm EUGENOMIC S.L. or third parties, or interfere with the operation of the use of our Services or use the Services, in a manner that violates any law.

For security reasons, the account is blocked after five unsuccessful attempts to identify it. To unlock the account you can request a new password.

To access the website you must have access to the Internet. The costs of your operator are at your expense.

1.4. Failure to comply with the conditions: In the event of failure to comply with the conditions of use, EUGENOMIC S.L. reserves the right to cancel the User's access to the website

2. Contents.

2.1. Intellectual property. All contents of this Website, except in the cases indicated to the contrary, are the exclusive property of EUGENOMIC S.L., with enunciative character, but not limiting, are the source code, graphic design, logo, texts, graphics, illustrations, photographs , And other elements appearing on this website, who reserves their exclusive rights. Reproduction of part or all of the contents will not be permitted unless expressly authorized in writing by EUGENOMIC S.L.

EUGENOMIC S.L. Does not grant any type of license or authorization for personal use to the User on the Intellectual Property Rights or any other right related to its website and the services offered therein.

Therefore, the User acknowledges that the reproduction, total or partial, distribution, marketing, transformation, and in general, any other form of exploitation, by any procedure, of all or part of the contents of this website constitutes an infringement of the Rights Of Intellectual Property of EUGENOMIC S.L.

If any fraudulent practice is carried out, appropriate legal action will be taken to penalize it in accordance with the Intellectual Property Law.

It is the intention of EUGENOMIC S.L. to respect the copyright and the copyright laws, if there is any minimum problem with respect to any material published on this website, please contact us through the email and the content Will be withdrawn (after being checked) with the maximum possible speed, since it is the main intention of EUGENOMIC S.L. the respect for the rights of the author and the work of others, making it clear that, within its fair procedure, it defends an attitude totally contrary to any act Not legal and maintains the interest and desire to strictly comply with the Spanish laws, as well as those included within International Legal Order.

2. 2. Security. The website is a secure site, which keeps your data protected with a 256-bit encryption, with public certification, through the external entity RapidSSL®.

2.3. The contents of this web page have been particularly selected with the utmost care and scrupulousness based on data from the scientific literature, collaborating specialists and the professional team of EUGENOMIC S.L. even assuming the quality and reliability of the same, in all of them there may be questionable or questionable limitations and conclusions, and must accept that neither these nor subsequent successive revisions or updates can be considered total, exhaustive or absolute.

The information contained in this website is intended to supplement, not substitute for, the expertise and judgment of healthcare professionals. The information is not exhaustive and is not intended to cover all possible uses, directions, precautions, drug interactions or adverse effects, nor should it be construed to indicate that use of a particular drug is safe, appropriate or effective for any individual. Information is provided on the basis that the healthcare professional responsible for patient care will retain FULL and SOLE responsibility for deciding what treatment to prescribe or dispense for patient and, in particular, whether the use of any drug or other product is safe, appropriate or effective.

EUGENOMIC S.L. is not responsible for or accepts liability for any direct or indirect loss or damages arising from or connected to the use of this information.

2.4. Modifications of the contents. EUGENOMIC S.L. reserves the right to change, update or suspend part of its services. New forms or regulations may appear in the future on the treatment of genetic data, and this will entail the updating of some processes. Any User must accept that in no way these new conditions can be applied retroactively.

2.5. Access to LINKS. EUGENOMIC S.L. is responsible for the contents of the LINKS that are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the holders thereof. EUGENOMIC S.L. is not responsible for any link or other links with external pages outside the web, are available at a certain time. Nor is it responsible for the cancellation of any website or link, whether or not it has been recorded EUGENOMIC S.L.

2.6. EUGENOMIC S.L. is not responsible for the conclusions that the reader can interpret the text or the text of the same, much less the decisions based on them.

3. Analytical studies

3.1. Agreements signed. EUGENOMIC S.L., in accordance with the agreements signed with laboratories specialized in genomics, may convey to them, requests for SNP or DNA studies in isolation or in profiles, as long as they are requested by collegiate doctors and with the mandatory informed consent of patients.

3.2. Responsibility for results. EUGENOMIC S.L. has no analytical activity, It acts as an advisory center, only when is required, advising or directing to the laboratory that considers more specialized for each type of study of polymorphisms. In each study performed, the name of the laboratory that has done it will be printed. The laboratories will be solely responsible for the veracity and quality of the analytical data provided.

3.3. Sending the samples to the processing laboratories. It is done through internationally authorized messaging with which service delivery agreements have been reached. In the event of a possible loss of sample by these companies, the responsibility will be solely and exclusively the same. EUGENOMIC S.L. undertakes to act to try to remedy the defect, but the need for a new sample collection, without additional cost for this second shipment, is not ruled out. EUGENOMIC S.L. assumes any other or distinct responsibility derived.

3.4. Documentation to be completed with the sample. To initiate any study of any analysis or study, it is essential to submit the sample following the instructions indicated on the web to: EUGENOMIC S.L. Travessera de Gràcia, 98. 08012 Barcelona, or through the information provided on the website It is essential to attach: the doctor's request and the health questionnaires that were required according to certain requested tests, together with the patient's consent, both duly completed and signed. EUGENOMIC S.L., will do its utmost to help the doctor or user in whatever it needs, however if this proves impossible to solve, declines any responsibility for not initiating the analytical process without having the sample properly collected and the corresponding documents duly completed and signed .

3.5. Samples to be analyzed sent to EUGENOMIC S.L. No personal data will be disclosed to third parties, except as indicated in the Privacy Policy, with the only exception of those data required and required by the processing laboratories. Once the analysis is completed, the sample will not be returnable and will be eliminated by the way established by the sanitary waste legislation, being only responsibility of the processing laboratory said compliance. In turn, it is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the processing laboratory to maintain the analytical data in their files.

4. Payment and use of services

4.1. The analytical tests can only be requested by health professionals registered on the web. Each study involves a payment, its amount is indicated at the time of application, its cost may be borne by the doctor or the patient, as indicated.

4.2. Each study or analysis requested implies a payment, its amount is indicated when making the request, its cost may be paid by the doctor or the patient, as expressly indicated in the application.

This amount must be paid prior to conducting the study. Your payment is irrevocable, without the right to claim any refund, either due to delay in the delivery of the result, or non-satisfaction or compliance with the information received,

4.3. Payment by credit card: The services are paid through the payment with credit cards. EUGENOMIC S.L. guarantees security, honesty and confidentiality, but in no case may be responsible for any misuse of data that may have been obtained through hackers or other illegal mechanisms.

4.4. Execution of studies. Analyzes will only start when your payment has been confirmed.

4.5. Returns: Once a subscription or study request has been made, the amount will not be refunded. Likewise, once a book, video or conference has been purchased, its amount will not be returned, with the only exception in the latter case, that there is a verification that has been delivered in poor condition.

4.6. Communications. The e-mail that the patient provides to EUGENOMIC S.L. is valid and expressly authorizes the notifications to be made through it. The results of the studies must be collected through the web, the conservation time will be up to a maximum of 180 days from the communication of its completion.

4.7. Fraudulent purchases. If the data entered in the purchase process are not correct or fraudulent, and EUGENOMIC S.L. has already done the collection, the amount paid will not be refunded.

5. Disclaimer and security policies.

5.1. Damages caused by use. EUGENOMIC S.L. does not assume any responsibility for damages and damages attributable to the connection that can be derived in the computers or computer systems of the users. The IT systems of EUGENOMIC S.L. are equipped with updated security and antivirus elements, but in no case can EUGENOMIC S.L. be responsible for the transmission of computer viruses or other events that may occur due to the use of the website.

In the sections that require a user code and password, if in spite of the security systems, some hacker has their access through it, EUGENOMIC S.L. can not be held responsible for this fact, but if it is communicated, it will do everything possible to remedy it, even denouncing it to the competent authorities.

5.2. Disclaimer of responsibility. EUGENOMIC S.L. is not responsible for:

A) The services are adapted to the needs of the User and meet their expectations.

B) The service is interrupted.

C) The service will never be suspended

D) The results obtained from the use of the services provided are absolutely accurate and reliable.

E) The contents provided are infallible and free of possible or possible errors.

F) That any detected error is corrected immediately. Nor if it has not been duly communicated to EUGENOMIC S.L. by the user who has detected it.

G) The User personally assumes the risk arising from the use of any data or information contained in the website.

5.3. Limitation of Liability

EUGENOMIC S.L. reserves the right to modify the content of the website without prior notice and without any limitation.

EUGENOMIC S.L. does not at any time ensure the operation and continuity of the articles or sections, thereby declining any responsibility for the damages they may cause, being exempt of any responsibility.

EUGENOMIC S.L. will try to avoid the presence on this website of viruses or other elements of any nature that may cause alterations in the computer system of the User, however, according to the current state of technology, can not absolutely guarantee the absence of such elements, Declining any responsibility with the person or company that makes use of this web site and can have prejudices of the nature described.

EUGENOMIC S.L. undertakes to collaborate with the competent authorities against possible illegal or harmful actions that have been carried out by third parties in bad faith and / or provoke damages in this web.

EUGENOMIC S.L. under any circumstances, will be held responsible for any damages of any kind arising in connection with the use or interpretation of this website

EUGENOMIC S.L. refuses any liability that may arise from interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone breakdowns or disconnections in the operative operation of the electronic system, motivated by causes beyond its control.

EUGENOMIC S.L. rejects any liability that could result from delays or blockages in the operation of the electronic system, caused by deficiencies or overloading on telephone lines or on the Internet

EUGENOMIC S.L reserves the right to temporarily suspend, without prior notice, the accessibility of the website for maintenance, repairs or updates.

EUGENOMIC S.L. rejects any liability that could be derived from the non-accessibility of data, once the access subscription is not renewed.

6. Law of Protection of Personal Data and Privacy

6.1. Identification of the Responsible Party: EUGENOMIC, S.L. in its capacity as Responsible for the Treatment, takes the privacy of the users very seriously and undertakes to make the maximum efforts within its reach to respect it. When users visit the website, (hereinafter referred to as "Site" or "Website") or request the services available there, EUGENOMIC S.L. may process your personal data.

Identification data:
• Identity: EUGENOMIC, S.L.
• CIF: B63050470
• Postal address: Travessera de Gràcia, 98, 08012, Barcelona.
• Telephone: 932922963

6.2. General aspects of the treatment of personal data. This privacy policy (hereinafter, "Privacy Policy") describes the activities that EUGENOMIC S.L. carries out in relation to the processing of personal data through this Site, as well as the commitments assumed by the Company in this regard.

In any case, EUGENOMIC S.L. will carry out a processing of personal data in accordance with the regulations in force at any applicable time, and in particular, in accordance with Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of April 27, 2016 relating to the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of these data.

EUGENOMIC S.L. will treat those personal data requested in the forms enabled on the Website that may be, but not limited to, name, date of birth, email address, postal address or telephone number (as successive, "Personal Data").
Failure to complete the fields determined as mandatory by a * or the provision of incorrect data will make it impossible for EUGENOMIC S.L. to provide the services requested by the user.

The following sections explain how and where we collect your Personal Data, notwithstanding that, at the time of the collection of your Personal Data, either through an online form, or through any other channel, EUGENOMIC S.L. will inform you specifically about the characteristics of each data processing, all in accordance with the current regulations on the protection of personal data in each applicable case, as detailed below.

In this sense, if you decide not to reveal any of the Personal Data requested, access to certain sections of the Website will not be possible and we will not be able to respond to your inquiries.

EUGENOMIC S.L., is not an owner or responsible for the data entered by the subscribers in relation to their patients. It is said subscriber to enter information of the patient in charge of requesting their consent and authorization for the treatment of the data.

Regarding all data processing whose legal basis is different from your own consent, EUGENOMIC S.L. will provide you with the corresponding informative clause so that you are aware of the existence, nature and characteristics of said treatment [s].

In the event that EUGENOMIC S.L., in order to comply with a legal obligation, needs to make a processing of your Personal Data different from the one indicated here, and whose legal basis is therefore different from that of your consent, in that case it would inform you about the nature, scope and context of the aforementioned treatment, all in accordance with current applicable regulations.

6.3. Purposes of the Treatment of Personal Data. The User's Personal Data obtained through the Website will be treated for the following purposes:

A. Respond to requests for information and / or consultation by the user. The data processed for this purpose will be retained until the request for information and / or the query has been answered.
B. Enable the use of the functionalities placed at your disposal on the Website, including the hiring of the services and / or products offered therein. The data processed for this purpose will be kept as long as the contractual and / or negotiating relationship between the user and EUGENOMIC S.L. is maintained and once the necessary time to comply with legal obligations is finished.

C. Keeping the user informed, including by electronic means, about EUGENOMIC's products, services and news, provided that said user has expressly consented to said treatment. The data processed for this purpose will be kept until the moment when the user withdraws his consent for receiving such communications.
D. Register the user in the User Registry of the services provided in The data processed for this purpose will be kept as long as the user does not unsubscribe from said services. And once the time necessary to comply with legal obligations has been discharged.

6.4. Legitimation. The legal basis for carrying out the data treatments specified in the previous section is as follows:
A. Consent of the user implicit in his / her request and / or query, to the effect that EUGENOMIC S.L. can attend to it.
B. Execution of the contractual and / or negotiable obligations assumed by the user and EUGENOMIC S.L. on the Website.
C. Consent of the given user to receive such communications.
D. Consent of the user implicit in his application for registration in the EUGENOMIC S.L. services.

6.5. Recipients. Your Personal Data may be accessed by third parties acting on behalf of EUGENOMIC S.L., provided that such access and data processing is essential for the provision of a specific service to the Company. Under this scenario, EUGENOMIC S.L. will in any case subscribe the corresponding treatment manager contract with each of said third parties, which will treat said data exclusively for the purposes that EUGENOMIC S.L. determines in each case.
6.6. Rights. The user can exercise before EUGENOMIC S.L. the following rights related to their personal data: access; rectification; suppression; limitation of treatment; portability of data and opposition.

Similarly, in the processing of user data whose legitimacy is based on the consent given by the user, the user has the right to withdraw such consent at any time, without affecting the legality of the treatment based on prior consent upon its withdrawal.

To exercise such rights, the user can send their request, attaching a copy of their ID or valid document that identifies it, if necessary, to EUGENOMIC, S.L. to Travessera de Gràcia, 98, 08012, Barcelona, ​​Spain; or through the following email address:

In any case, the user has the right to file a claim with the corresponding control authority if he considers it appropriate.

7. Relations with customers.

7.1. EUGENOMIC S.L. reserves the right at any time to change these conditions of use of its website and its services. Using the services after the change, implies the acceptance of the new conditions of use.

7.2. If, at any given time, EUGENOMIC S.L. can not supply any of its services, does not represent any waiver of all their rights.

7.3. Acceptance of the printed version of this contract. The printed version of this document is admissible in administrative and judicial proceedings.

7.4. Excision clause. If part of these conditions of use can not be fulfilled by EUGENOMIC S.L., the rest of the text will remain with all its effects.

7.5. Completion of the contract. The conditions of use are applied until the cancellation of the service by the user. The user may terminate his relationship with EUGENOMIC S.L. by expressly stating it at least one month before his / her wish to cancel the service. EUGENOMIC S.L. may cancel its service for non-payment of subscription fees to the service, services provided by the customer or failure to comply with the conditions of use.

7.6. Termination of the causes of action: They are filed after one year of any request.

8. Legislation and Jurisdiction applicable

This document constitutes the entire agreement between you and EUGENOMIC S.L. and replaces any other verbal or written agreement. Additional services that you request from EUGENOMIC S.L., may require additional agreements.

This Legal Statement must be interpreted and governed by current Spanish legislation. Any controversy or litigation of each one of its sections, conditions or assumptions must be settled in the courts of justice of the city of Barcelona. Spain, however this will not prevent EUGENOMIC S.L. to exercise the right to resolve any complaint in another competent jurisdiction or even submit it to the arbitral tribunal of the city of Barcelona. Spain

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